About Generator Torrex

Generators! The greatest word in the dictionary for us. We love generators and everything that they bring to the table. That is exactly why we have a company all about them. Yes, that is right, you can get any type of generator from our company. The good thing is too, is that you don’t need to buy them. You can rent them as well! We started our company out as a small shack about 20 years ago and have turned it into something so much bigger and better. Because of that, we are able to work with some of the best people in the area.


Regardless of the reason that you might need a generator from us, we are still the place to go. We have so many for you to look at and we are sure that you are going to find the perfect one. Our staff can help you out and make sure that you find a good one as well. If you need a generator, do not worry. We have been at this for a really long time and have the most experience out of anyone in the business. We make sure to put everyone ahead of ourselves and that has made it so our company runs a whole lot smoother. Come and see what we have to offer and we know that we won’t let you down. We have the best selection in the area and it is surely going to help you out.