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Generator Rex

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And who is not well acquainted with Generator Rex? "You see that smooth looking guy right there? That's me. Name is Rex. I make machines go out of my body, but you probably knew that. " That's the first thing you hear when you start the game. Well, Rex, not every adult is familiar with you. You're probably more popular among the ten animated viewers, while your game has a PEGI classification of twelve. The main character is a teenager with special power through life. He can wield a sword in his arms, like a gun and hammer fists. Therefore, the world is counting on him regularly when there is a danger again. But otherwise he is an ordinary boy who is interested in making love and jokes.

Controls of the Game

Arrows / WAD = Move

Jump, C / L = Attack

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Making it a challenge no matter what you now bet. Hammer arms against a fast, lean enemy, or a sword against a thick, slow opponent, it simply. Two points make this possible: the difficulty and technical weakness.

Dying is harder than surviving. It's even weirder than it sounds, because you will die. Those times when you come across it, let the technique you down while jumping. Rex jumps well as ontiegelijk stiff, unnatural and low that you sometimes miss the other side. And when you fall into the groove, put the bob. Even though the fall just one meter in the water.

game review

It is quite a chore to play out Generator Rex. The main character can not stop telling bad jokes, the story fascinates totally unwise and the gameplay is repetitive. Given the arsenal Rex has at his disposal, is called sin. There was more in, but ultimately this is exactly such a case you your worst enemy awards yet.